Principal’s Message

Welcome Back Wolf PACK! 

    It is an honor to serve Roncalli STEM Academy (RSA) as its school principal this coming school year. For the past 3 years, I have served as one of RSA’s Assistant Principals and, for 3 years before that, as an RSA PLTW teacher, ELA teacher and STEM Coach. I truly believe that RSA attracts some of the most bold, innovative and hard working students and teachers in Pueblo. We go into the 2019-2020 school year with some big wins under our belt. Great gains were made in our academic growth and we have been recognized as a PLTW School of Distinction - an honor only shared with very few schools in the state of Colorado and the nation. I am also proud to welcome back most of our staff (and welcome some excellent new faces) ensuring that there will be consistency in our school culture. 


    This coming school year, RSA’s theme is a “Year of Impact” or, rather, “imPACKt”! RSA teachers and students ended the 2018-2019 school year with a project-based learning unit titled, “Rise Above” that was a stunning success resulting in the creation of socially driven groups, greater awareness of critical issues that impact our community and a burgeoning community garden. RSA will build on this by exploring how our students, teachers and school can have a positive impact on themselves, their families and community. Our mission is to support every student with the opportunity for rigorous academic learning and growth and also to engage every student as a true agent of positive impact and change. Our math department is also piloting the excellent Carnegie Learning platform that not only has rich and well developed curriculum but also an online and blending learning component that will give in the moment support to students and teachers and really help us support student success in math.

    Also, to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing and to set a trajectory for our Innovation Schools in the 2019-2020 School Year, the entire Innovation Zone is adopting, “Shoot for the Moon!” as a unifying theme. Just like a space mission, running a school demands that people from diverse backgrounds come together use the right technology and ingenuity to change the world. RSA students will ‘Shoot for the Moon” in the next school year by making a positive imPACKt and show for all to see that STEM for our students can truly change the world. 

Should you desire to reach me, please email or give my district cell (both below) a call. 

Good, Better, Best,


            Michael Cservenak

Roncalli STEM Academy School Principal